UFC on Fox 2: Is Sonnen vs. Munoz on tap? Should there be a qualifier fight before they get to face Silva?


Two of the top middleweights in the world posed for a photo during UFC 139. One looked like he was ready to scrap right there in the crowd. It wasn't the case, there isn't any angst that we know about between Mark Munoz and Chael Sonnen, but there may be soon.

If Anderson Silva is truly on the shelf until the UFC potentially hits Sao Paolo next summer, the promotion may book a Munoz-Sonnen fight. Between Sonnen's chops and Munoz's good-guy image, it'd be home-run promotion with the old-guard sports media.

Munoz is now 7-1 at 185 pounds and just posted a dominant win over Chris Leben at UFC 138. Sonnen, who dominated Silva for 23-plus minutes at UFC 117, just ran through Brian Stann at UFC 136.

When Sonnen appeared on ESPN1100/98.9 FM in Las Vegas two weeks ago it sounded like he was fine facing someone while Silva stayed dormant.{ysp:more}

"I'm not going to sit around and wait for him. [...] I don't just need the title, I need to be the best fighter in the world. If there's someone who can knock me off and beat me then I don't deserve to be there. So God bless them and let that guy have his shot," said Sonnen.

After UFC 139, Dana White said there will be four fights on Jan. 28 in Chicago on the second Fox card. Sonnen-Munoz would be a great headliner, but is it fair to the fighters?

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