UFC fighters make the late night rounds

Maggie Hendricks

When the UFC announced their deal to air fights on Fox, Dana White was asked if this means that MMA is now mainstream. He answered that they weren't yet, but that they were getting the opportunity to become mainstream.

White may not think that the UFC is there yet, but an indicator that the UFC is becoming a household name is that three fighters are showing their faces on network late-night shows. First, Jason "Mayhem" Miller appeared on Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night to talk about the upcoming season of "The Ultimate Fighter."

Next, both main eventers from UFC 135 will appear on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Monday night. Light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and former champ Quinton Jackson are scheduled to sit with Kimmel together.

In the build-up to their fight, they've already had several, public squabbles which reached a head when Jackson accused Jones of planting a spy in Jackson's camp. Jones denied the allegations, but their animosity should make for interesting television.

For years, the UFC and their fighters would make advertisers run, so late night talk show hosts were loathe to book fighters. Now, in the course of a week, three are on network television.

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