UFC’s Dana White not worried about future despite losing stars

Elias Cepeda

It would appear that the UFC is in a tough spot with it's two biggest stars at least temporarily out of the game. Georges St. Pierre is on a hiatus from MMA competition and may never return.

Anderson Silva promises to return to action but is out of commission with a badly injured leg for at least awhile. UFC president Dana White is not worried about having his promotion having to build new stars, though.

"Back in the day, everybody was going 'what are you going to do when Chuck Liddell's gone? What are you gonna do when this guy's gone, that guy's gone.' I mean I've been hearing this for 15 years," White told Sherdog in a recent interview.

White says there are no emergency meetings going on behind the scenes at the UFC with the intention of charting a course without St. Pierre and Silva. Accordingly, the boss says the UFC will not pressure any of their fighters to fight if they don't want to.

"What do we talk about behind the scenes? Nothing. We literally don't talk about anything. Georges St-Pierre said he wanted to reti... He wants to go handle his stuff and take some time off. We haven't talked about Georges St-Pierre since. We haven't called Georges St-Pierre. We're letting Georges St-Pierre have his time," White said.

"If Georges St-Pierre decides he wants to come back and fight, then he can come back and fight. If he doesn't ... Me and Lorenzo [Fertitta] are flying down [to Los Angeles] to see Anderson, just to go see him, because he's been injured. If Anderson Silva never wants to fight again, that's up to him."

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