UFC champ Renan Barao unhappy with contract

Elias Cepeda
UFC champ Renan Barao unhappy with contract
UFC champ Renan Barao unhappy with contract

Renan Barao hasn't lost a fight since 2005, is 32-1 and may be the most dominant bantamweight the UFC has ever had. Yet, he says he still made a pittance compared to his last opponent, Urijah Faber.

The two rematched in February with Barao coming out on top for the second time. The Brazilian, who has been bantamweight champion since mid-2012, is stepping up to fight again at the end of May to replace the postponed Chris Weidman vs. Lyoto Machida middleweight fight.

The champ hopes to be able to successfully defend his belt against Faber teammate T.J. Dillashaw on May 24 at UFC 173, but he also recently told Brazilian outlet UOL that he hopes to get a new contract after the fight as well.

"I'm very happy being a UFC champion. But I would like to improve my contract," Barao said.

"Actually, an example: I know that Faber is a much older guy in the UFC, but he's not even the champion and has a much better purse than mine.

"It is what it is, we're working for it to improve. I hope that after this fight i can have a much better contract. I hope it improves every day. This depends on the contract, but I hope they remember that I saved an event."

Despite never holding a UFC belt, Faber was once recognized as featherweight world champion when he held the WEC strap, and is one of the UFC's biggest stars. As such, he makes more than relative newcomer Barao.

Understandably, that is little consolation to the champ Barao, especially as he heads into a fight that he didn't particularly want but says he took to help out the UFC.

"I prefer to rest a little more, but the UFC needed me, so I'm here to save the event," he said.

"Unfortunately, Weidman got injured, so they called me and I accepted. It's always good to fight in these big events, I was pretty happy."

Do you think it is fair for Faber to make more than the champion, a man who has twice beaten him? Let us know in the comments section.

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