UFC champ Jose Aldo still not happy with pay

Elias Cepeda
UFC champ Jose Aldo still not happy with pay
UFC champ Jose Aldo still not happy with pay

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo has expressed his displeasure at his pay before, and apparently he still isn't satisfied. The dominant title-holder is perhaps the best fighter in the world, but says that because of his lighter weight class, he doesn't get paid his fair share.

"I'm not entirely happy with the current pay policy," said Aldo, through a translator in a segment aired recently on AXS TV.

"We work very hard for what we do, not only me, but every single fighter out there at the UFC would like to be better compensated, for all the work and all the effort we put in every fight."

Former UFC heavyweight champion and current AXS TV host, Bas Rutten, agreed with Aldo. "It's weird, because the lighter weights do get paid less, and I have no clue why because the fights are always unbelievable," Rutten said.

"These guys go full blast for five rounds. They leave it all out there. For some reason, the people don't appreciate it as much. [Pay pre view] buys also - they're not as big as when you have bigger guys fighting."

Do you not enjoy watching lighter fighters like Aldo fight as much as heavier ones? Do you think UFC champs should be getting paid more, no matter their weight class?

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