UFC champ Jose Aldo: Conor McGregor the new Chael Sonnen

Elias Cepeda
Conor McGregor is all talk, according to Jose Aldo. (Getty Images)

10 - Conor McGregor v Diego Brandao

Conor McGregor is all talk, according to Jose Aldo. (Getty Images)

Last March, UFC newcomer Conor McGregor said some pretty stupid-sounding things about the champion of his division, Jose Aldo. "I think he's basic," the Irishman said of the long-time featherweight title-holder.

There's nothing that jumps off the page when I look at him."

Well, Aldo has taken his time in responding to McGregor's insults and was measured in his response, during a recent interview. "I see his words as a normal thing. He's like a new [Chael] Sonnen," Aldo said of McGregor.

Sonnen, though a much-improved fighter over the years, and a world-class athlete, became most famous for his trash talk. Aldo seems to think that McGregor is still mostly talk, at this point, as well.

"He's building his name. He has just a few fights in the UFC and he's trying to jump the line," Aldo said.

"He for sure has already done this, because he talks so much. He speaks very well, I think he'll reach his goals very fast. About the belt, someday we'll meet and then we'll see who is who."

McGregor is 3-0 in his young UFC career. Do you think he'll ever get to Aldo's level?

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