UFC champ Jon Jones no longer ‘talking junk’ about boxing’s Klitschko brothers

Elias Cepeda

Remember when UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones said last year that he wanted to box one of the Klitschko brothers and thought he could beat them? It was just as crazy an idea as the idea of either of those two boxing giants having a chance against Jones in a mixed martial arts fight.

We thought so. UFC commentator Joe Rogan said so.

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Turns out, Jon Jones was just joshing, y'all. Friday, "Bones" fielded questions from fans in advance of tonight's UFC 169 event in Newark.

One fan asked Jones about boxing either Wladimir or Vitali and the UFC champ smiled and chuckled. “Honestly guys, I actually never wanted to box one of the Klitschkos. I was just talking junk," Jones admitted.

"It was fun, it was really fun. But no, I respect those guys so much, what they do is amazing, very high level stuff. I am not trying to get killed. I’ll stick to mixed martial arts.”

Well, there you have it. Perhaps Jones was joking all along or maybe after getting boxed up by Alexander Gustafsson last fall, the young champ got a better understanding of his weaknesses.

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