UFC champ Anthony Pettis confident he'll KO Melendez

Elias Cepeda
UFC champ Anthony Pettis confident he'll KO Melendez

Anthony Pettis still has a long ways to go before he'll be back in action after repeatedly injuring his knee, but eventually he will take on Gilbert Melendez. First, the pair will coach a season of The Ultimate Fighter opposite one another and then, they will lock up for the 155 pound title.

“Gilbert’s going to be a good fight,” Pettis told fans late last week at the UFC 171 Q&A session.

“I’m excited to coach ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’ It should be a fun show, and no, I’m not a wrestler, so I’m looking for the knockout.”

It's a teammate and friend of Melendez that Pettis truly wants to hit in the face, however. Because of his ceaseless taunting, Pettis relishes the opportunity to get even with Nate Diaz.

“To be honest, the guy I really want to fight right now is Nate Diaz,” Pettis admitted.

“I think the fans want to see that one, so Nate Diaz is on the radar for sure. For me, Diaz is a good fighter. He could be one of the next guys I fight, but he’s the one that talks the most. So I want to settle it.”

Who are you more excited to see Pettis fight, Melendez or Diaz? Let us know in the comments section.

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