UFC has another nerdy guy who will beat your ass: McCrory rolls

There's nothing worse than losing to a member of the Tri-Lambs (Revenge of the Nerds). Ryan Madigan may have the look of a fighter but he had nothing to stop the ground game of 22-year-old unibrowed Tamdan McCrory. McCrory took "The Lion" to the mat and ran roughshod over him switching from full guard to side control and twice to the mount. McCrory got a little sloppy the first time in mount but he didn't let up the second time and finished Madigan via TKO (strikes) with a series of 14 punches and elbows at 3:35 of the first round. A right elbow appeared to knock Madigan out cold for a second. It also opened up a cut about half the length of Madigan's left eyebrow.

McCrory was geeked (no pun intended) in his postfight conversation with UFC color voice Joe Rogan. Only a fun kid like McCrory can ruin his own victory by talking about having a sinus infection:

"I was ready to kill after that last fight. I mean (expletive). Dustin (Hazelett), he's a black belt ... (expletive)! I hit the gym hard. I've been battling a bunch of sinus infections but I came here and got my bread."

Those of cageside couldn't make rhyme or reason about half of what McCrory was saying and he went into some discussion about what music he wanted use for his cage entrance. Something about Thunderhorse?

Madigan looked like a shaky choice before the fight. He's making the transition from the world of pro kickboxing. Chances were that he'd be in over his head bigtime against a slick submission fighter like McCrory (11-2, 3-2 UFC).

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