UFC 98 Presser Part 1: Serra can't wait to get in the cage with Hughes

It was a relatively slow open to the UFC 98 press conference on Thursday. Matt Hughes has been a hard man to track down and really isn't look to engage anymore wit Matt Serra in the trash talking of the past. Hughes was all business during the opening intros (mark):

"(I'm) trying to be a man of few words today and this weekend. I'm healthy, had a great training camp and my body has really worked with and been injury free."

Matt Serra is never at a loss for words and jumped right on the opportunity to respond to something he saw during UFC 98 Countdown (1:53 mark):

"During the promo I saw Hughes and one his trainers say I'll be looking across the cage fight night and I'll be thinking what did I get myself into? Believe me, there's no place on the planet, I'd rather be than staring across the cage at Matt Hughes on Saturday night."

Serra was on his game while the UFC president Dana White wasn't exactly himself. You can't blame the guy. He's returning to Las Vegas after a huge promotional/media tour in New York to start the week. He either had a Freudian slip or some wishful thinking:

"He destroyed Sokoudjou," White said as he listed the fighters Machida has finished lately. "Destroyed Anderson Silva. Dropped Tito Ortiz with a knee, loved it."

White meant to say Thiago Silva. The Anderson Silva mention definitely drew a double-take from Silva/Machida manager Ed Soares.

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