UFC 98: Goldberg, Rogan, checking out backstage and more

Overall, Mike Goldberg (pictured, with WEC champion Miguel Torres) and Joe Rogan weren't all that bad, and the production of UFC 98 was taken to a new level with the addition of UFC 98 Multicast, which allowed viewers to follow the backstage goings-on of the event. It was absolutely mesmerizing. What? Rashad Evans is getting his hand wrapped? Burt Watson is running down the hall? I must watch. Seriously, I could not stop watching the hallway heading out to the octagon. I did stop for long enough to catch some of the best things said on camera.

"Dana White is in attendance, and he's busy. You know why? Because he's twittering. He'll send messages to you all night long. Follow Dana so you can know all his thoughts." -- Goldberg. Look, I twitter, and so does most of the Yahoo! Sports MMA crew. I get it. But there is something so creepy about the way Goldberg tells us that we can know Dana White's thoughts. I don't think I want to know all of Dana White's thoughts.

"Look at me. FIVE MEASLY MINUTES, SON." One of Frankie Edgar's cornermen, who went from a calm, clear-voiced coach to a crazed man in about .058 seconds. The good news for him is that Edgar did OK in the those five measily minutes.

"If you're Sherk, do you shoot the double?" -- Goldberg, to which Rogan responded, "He-lll, yeahhh!" Girlfriend, let me tell you. Sherk did not EVEN use his wrestling enough. That's a dealbreaker, ladies!

"Traditionally, Greco-Roman wrestlers have transitioned into MMA better than, um, other wrestlers, because of the fact that they use tie-ups, clinches. It's more effective than just shooting doubles and singles." -- Joe Rogan. OK, Joe, I understand that you're a jiu-jitsu guy, and not everyone loves wrestling as I do. But guess what? They use clinches and tie-ups in all forms of wrestling. Folkstyle, what they wrestle in high school and college, and freestyle, another form used in the Olympics, involve much more than shooting doubles and singles. Not to mention that the entire card was full of guys who transitioned quite well from folkstyle to MMA, for example, Matt Hughes, Frankie Edgar and some guy named Rashad Evans.

"When asked what his strengths were, Chael Sonnen said, 'I'm the fastest white man alive, and I go hard the whole time.'" -- Goldberg. I just have one thing to say to that ...

"Too greasy, too sweaty at this point." -- Goldberg, during Sonnen/Miller. Giggle.

"He's hurt! He's in big, big trouble!" Rogan, many, many times. I'd hate to call Joe Chicken Little, but Joe, you're Chicken Little. Getting knocked down does not always equal damage.

"How bad were you hurt? You went back to your corner and asked if you had gotten knocked down." Rogan, to Matt Hughes, who answered, "You weren't suppposed to hear that, Joe." Did someone not send Hughes the memo about the microphones in the corners?

"I haven't had pasta in three months, Joe. I'm freakin' dyin'." Matt Serra, after his loss to Hughes.

"If you have a dream in your life, go ahead, it's a possible!"-- Lyoto Machida. Indeed, you crazy light heavyweight champion, you.

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