UFC 95 trash talk guessing game

Generally, the UFC Countdown shows are fairly formulaic. One of the following generally applies: I had a rough childhood but now I'm a good father, or we grew up so poor in Brazil, or fighting gave me an outlet/taught me how to stand up for myself as a high schooler. Then it turns to watching a fighter lift an awkward, heavy object above their head -- say, a keg or a truck tire -- and claims from trainers that our camp won't let him lose.

My favorite part of every show is the trash talk montage. Each fighter, along with members from his camp, go on and on about what they're going to do to each other. Their promises never show up in the actual fight, as a fighter wouldn't truly share his game plan, so it's nothing more than theater. So, let's make it fun. Below are assorted quotes from last night's airing of Countdown to UFC 95. Try to match up each quote with Diego Sanchez, Joe Stevenson, Nate Marquardt or Wilson Gouveia. Read past the pictures for answers.

1. It's up to me whether I win or lose. He doesn't have a choice.

2. I don't think he's going to be able to deal with my power

3. I'm a Tony Robbins weirdo. I'm yelling, "Yes, yes!"

4. He's supposedly a black belt? That's a white belt, if you ask me.

5. If I get on your back, I'm gonna choke you.

6. He doesn't scare me.

7. I've seen him quit in his fights before.

8. I won't have sex with my wife, and I won't take care of myself for six weeks. (A little too much information, pal!)

9. He's good at everything, but he's not great at anything.

10. I'm very confident I'm gonna win.

1. Stevenson

2. Gouveia

3. Sanchez

4. Sanchez

5. Sanchez

6. Stevenson

7. Marquardt

8. Stevenson

9. Gouveia

10. Marquardt

How did you do?

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