UFC 93: Afternoon Delight

UFC 93, taking place in Dublin, will air at 3 p.m. ET this Saturday, a full seven hours before fight fans are accustomed to watching events. This is hardly the first afternoon event, but they happen so infrequently that it can be jarring to watch people beat the crap out of each other at 3:00 p.m., not 10:00 p.m. But it's not all bad.

-- There is nothing else going on in the sports world this Saturday. College football is over, the NFL will play only on Sunday, the NBA has one game and that's at 7:30. Though there are several hockey games, none will be broadcast nationally. The only real competition is college hoops.

-- It's cold. Seriously cold. Why would you want to leave your house?

-- Food, glorious food. For most fights, you've moved on from eating and are focused on drinking. For an afternoon card, eating can still be the focus. May I suggest this set of recipes? They're easy enough to follow, even for the kitchen-challenged. If all else fails, order a pizza.

-- Your Saturday night is free so that you can spend a little time with those people in your living room. What are they called again? Oh, your family. That's right. Spend Saturday night with your family, because you'll be busy for the next three.

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