UFC 90: The internet speaks!

UFC 90. Chicago. Anderson Silva. Patrick Cote. Thiago Alves. Josh Koscheck. I doubt you have the levels of excitement that I do for this event -- for example, did you dream that you ran into Anderson Silva at Walgreens? I did. -- but still, you should be excited. If not, here are some links to start you up.

Matt Serra thinks that Patrick Cote could beat Silva.

Anderson Silva thinks that Anderson Silva can be beaten.

ESPN wonders where Silva will go from here, assuming that he beats Cote.

Thiago Alves needs to have an learn how to control his weight if he wants to get to the next level. As of yesterday's open workout, he weighed 181.

Josh Koscheck feels ready for a fight at any time, so stepping in for Diego Sanchez for a fight against Alves is easy.

Sean Sherk is in a must-win situation against Tyson Griffin. Dan Wetzel looks at Sherk's improbable journey through the UFC.

Finally, if you're into gambling, the guys at Cage Potato are kind enough to help you out.

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