UFC 90: Fighter's guide to Chicago

The UFC will take over my hometown of Chicago this week, and I could not be more thrilled. If you're travelling to the Windy City as a fighter or a fight fan, we've got you covered. Today is a look at how to do the Chi as a fighter.

Training never stops: Do what Chicagoans do, and run along the lakefront path. Now that the Chicago Marathon has passed, the path won't be as crowded. If you're staying downtown, start at the museum campus just north of Soldier Field, and head north. Take in the views as you pass by Monroe Harbor, Navy Pier and the Magnificent Mile. For about a three-mile run, turn around at Oak St. Beach. For a ten-miler and a jaw-dropping view of the skyline, head up to Belmont Harbor before heading back south.

Eat: Chicago is known for some of its less than healthy food options like pizza and hot dogs, but there are still plenty of places to eat well without blowing your diet. Close to downtown, check out the Green Zebra, the vegetarian restaurant that even carnivores like. If you're staying near Allstate Arena, try Amitabul, a Buddhist Korean restaurant on the northwest side of the city. For lunch near the arena, try my favorite deli, Al and Joe's.

Sightseeing: You will take in many of Chicago's finest sights on your run along the lake, but to catch a beautiful view of the entire city, head to the Sears Tower Skydeck. The cool, crisp fall weather provides air perfect for seeing as far north as Wisconsin.

Post-fight rejuvenation: After giving or receiving a beatdown, head to the Ruby Room to be rubbed down. This spa in Wicker Park -- closer to downtown than the arena -- gives different massages, including one specifically designed to reenergize you.

Photo via Associated Press

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