UFC 2009 a success according to fighters and sales

Admittedly, we're not really video gamers here at Cagewriter. Personally, I quit video games right my dog ate Super Mario Bros. But from what the video game geeks tell me, the game is pretty good.

From today's live chat with Amir Sadollah, after he was asked which fighter he plays:

On the video game? Is there anyone else on the game but me? I didn't even get to the submissions on the game. Martin Kampmann kept beating me. He kept knocking me out. It was LAME!

Noted gamer and UFC lightweight fighter Joe Lauzon said that the game is siiiiiiiiick. Is that a term the kids are using these days?

So I got my hands on a copy of the new UFC game. I was really impressed by the demo, but the actual game is much better because there is so much more variety. I was a little bit worried about not liking my character or having issues with his move set, but I really can’t complain. I think like most of the characters in the game, they fight exactly like their real life counterpart.

MMA Payout is reporting that the game is also a hit for the company who made it, THQ. It's the topselling game on Amazon.com for the Xbox 360, and the second bestseller for the Playstation. To our gamers in the crowd, what do you think? Have you tried it? Do you like it?

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