UFC 162′s Three Stars: Chris Weidman, Mark Munoz and Edson Barboza stood out

Maggie Hendricks

UFC 162 will stick out in the collective MMA brain as the night the UFC got a new middleweight champion. Who truly rose above?

No. 1 star -- Chris Weidman: As if there's any doubt who stood out the most at UFC 162? Weidman took advantage of Silva clowning around to win the belt. Weidman used knowledge of his opponent and his tendency to play around in a fight to catch Silva right on the button and knock him out. He earned a $50,000 bonus for Knockout of the Night, and the middleweight championship.

No. 2 star -- Mark Munoz: Before he even stepped in the cage, he battled with depression and a major weight gain. Beating Tim Boetsch was just the logical next step. Munoz used wrestling and continuous unanswered striking to get an overwhelming win.

No. 3 star -- Edson Barboza: MMA judge Cecil Peoples once famously claimed "leg kicks certainly don't finish fights." Barboza laughs at that statement. He whipped Rafaello Oliveira's legs again and again until he could stand no more. This is the second time Barboza won a fight this way, making him the first UFC fighter to do that.

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