UFC 162 picks from Kevin Iole, Maggie Hendricks and Cagereaders like you

Maggie Hendricks

UFC 162 is Saturday, and it's time to see how we see the fights playing out. Thank you to everyone who voted and shared your picks on Cagewriter.

Kevin Iole: Anderson Silva TKO3 Chris Weidman -- According to Dana White, Georges St-Pierre is so confident of a Weidman win he doesn't believe a fight with Silva and himself will happen. Weidman has the tools to test Silva. But Weidman has fought only two Top 10-caliber opponents and nobody near the top of the Top 10. Silva may have some harrowing moments, but I still think he's coming out of this with his arm raised.

Maggie Hendricks: Anderson Silva TKO2 Chris Weidman -- A piece of me wants to buy into the hype and pick Weidman, but Silva has been nothing short of great in his recent fights.

Cagereader: 60 percent of Cagereaders said Silva will win.
Weidman's in your face style will be his downfall. He's going to come out aggressive and be punished for it. There has been no secret that he plans to take Silva down. I expect a perfectly timed knee or uppercut will end this fight. -- Christopher Walder

Weidman has nothing to lose and everything to gain. He is young and hungry, practically begged Dana White to give Him a shot at the title, and Silva's chin really hasn't been tested. -- Michael Matos


Kevin Iole: Frankie Edgar TKO2 Charles Oliveira -- This is a must-win fight for Frankie Edgar if he's going to retain any hope of remaining in the UFC title picture, regardless of division. He's lost three in a row and a fourth would eliminate him from the title picture entirely. Edgar's wrestling and boxing are big differences here, and he's faced better opposition.

Maggie Hendricks: Frankie Edgar W3 Charles Oliveira -- This fight is so important for Edgar that he will take no chances here. He'll use his wrestling skill to control Oliveira and his stand-up to wear him down on the way to a decision.

Cagereader: 85 percent of you say Edgar will win.
Frankie has far too much experience to drop this one - although it will be interesting to see if he can actually finish someone in a 3 round fight - I say no. W3. -- Jay Perry

Kevin Iole: Tim Kennedy W3 Roger Gracie -- Evenly matched fight, and I could see Gracie by submission, but I think Kennedy will avoid that and go on to the points win.

Maggie Hendricks: Tim Kennedy W3 Roger Gracie -- Though Gracie has a strong submission game, Kennedy has never lost by a submission. Save the first fight in his career, Kennedy's losses were always due to a judges' decision. He will fight smart in this one to get another win.

Cagereader: 60 percent of you say Gracie will win.
As an Army vet, I am biased. But more over, [Kennedy's] transitions are the epitome of smooth. The only way to stop Tim Kennedy from grinding you out and pounding you through the floor is to stop his takedowns, and that just isn't going to happen while he is in the kind of shape that he is in right now. Watch some of his fights and pay attention to his guard passes and transitions. He bypasses guards, slipping from side control into full mount against great jiu jitsu fighters like he's in a Ferrari on the autobahn. You just can't control him. Roger's best chance really is to keep it standing and outrange Tim. -- Thomas Rose


Kevin Iole: Mark Munoz TKO3 Tim Boetsch -- Boetsch is not an easy out, and Munoz is returning after a lengthy layoff. But I think Munoz is the more explosive wrestler and harder hitter and will catch Boetsch with something big as the fight wears on.

Maggie Hendricks: Mark Munoz W3 Tim Boetsch -- Both fighters are coming off ugly losses that they would like to forget. Munoz has the better wrestling and some scary striking, so I see him taking this one.

Cagereader: 85 percent of you say Munoz takes this one.
Think Munoz bought into his own hype train over the last two years, now that he's back on earth he'll go back to his bread and butter. -- George Balam


Kevin Iole: Dennis Siver W3 Cub Swanson -- This has Fight of the Night written all over it. Siver was a big factor at 155 and he looks very strong at 145.

Maggie Hendricks: Cub Swanson W3 Dennis Siver -- This is going to be a fun, close fight, but Swanson has the better all-around game.

Cagereader: 60 percent of you say Swanson will win.
Dennis Siver is a good kickboxer, with great unorthodox strikes, but Cub Swanson is a better all around fighter with knockout power. -- Var Williams

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