Before UFC 162, Anderson Silva joked the perfect ending to Saturday’s bout was Chris Weidman winning

Maggie Hendricks

Anderson Silva's stunning loss opened the door for many MMA fans to yell, "FIX!" There were plenty of tweets to the Cagewriter Twitter suggesting the end of the fight was planned. This interview of Anderson Silva by SportsNet in Canada may add fuel to the proverbial fix fire.

Skip to the five-minute mark to see what Silva had to say three days before his loss. For those who can't watch the video, Silva talked about how the perfect ending to his fight would be Chris Weidman being the new UFC champion. He did smile and laugh throughout the interview, and he is known to be downright silly when dealing with the media.

And if you're still absolutely convinced that the ending to the fight was staged, UFC president Dana White has a few choice words for you.

"It happened so fast – and some of you said it, and I was thinking the same thing – 'What just happened? Was he goofing around? Is he still goofing around when he's down and he's getting ready to pull guard?' Then they show that replay, and you just see him get clipped, and his eyes just roll back in his head," White said in the post-fight press conference. "Yeah, the fix is in, you [expletive] idiots."

As was noted here on Cagewriter, Silva has put his hands down in fights and clowned around in several of his bouts. Weidman was the first fighter who took advantage of this tendency. That's not a sign of a fix. That's smart fighting.

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