UFC 148: Which preliminary fights stand out?

Maggie Hendricks

With a title fight, and the retirement of an MMA legend, most of the focus for UFC 148 has (understandably) been focused on the top of the card. But let's take a look down the card a bit at the best of the preliminary fights, and see if its worth coming in early from a BBQ to see the bout, or if you can catch it later on your DVR.


Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Gleison Tibau (pictured): You're going to want to tune in just to see cage announcer Bruce Buffer get through the name Khabib Nurmagomedov. Beyond that, Nurmy (as he heretofore will be called) is 17-0 with just four decisions to his name. Verdict: Watch the fight live.

Fabricio Camoes vs. Melvin Guillard: Is there ever a time you've regretted watching a Melvin Guillard fight? Even when he loses, he does it spectacularly. His last four fights have been two first-round losses, preceded by two first-round wins. Leave the BBQ.

Riki Fukuda vs. Constantinos Philippou: Though Phillippou's beating heart tattoo is a good reason to tune in, the not-so-thrilling decisions from both fighters' pasts is a reason to stay outside. Verdict: DVR it.

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John Alessio vs. Shane Roller: There is huge motivation for Roller to win, as he has lost his past three fights. Alessio is coming in off a loss, too. However, Roller is known to use his wrestling to control bouts, something some MMA fans find boring. Verdict: If you're a wrestling geek like me, watch it live. If not, DVR it.


Yoislandy Izquierdo vs. Rafaello Oliveira: Oliveira has two losses in a row, and lost his last bout. Both men need a win to stay off the UFC's cut list, and Izquiredo is capable of some serious TKOs. Verdict: Bring your laptop to the BBQ and gather around it to watch the fights while enjoying some ribs.

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