UFC 140 wrap video: With ‘horsepower meeting technique’ Frank Mir treated ‘Big Nog’s’ arm like a ‘bag of potato chips’


Knockout punchers traditionally get the most love from fight enthusiasts. Rightly so. There's something scary watching an Anderson Silva fight knowing something devastating is going to happen any second.

Frank Mir certainly isn't in Silva's league with his striking, but it's tough to argue that he shouldn't be feared on a similar level. At UFC 140, for the second time in his career, he snapped a limb in the Octagon.

Mir described the finish of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira as horsepower meeting technique.

"When I grabbed it and started cranking it. It just crushed like a bag of potato chips," Mir told Sherdog in this video.

To watch Mir speak about snapping a limb in such calm fashion is scary stuff.

"That aspect of being able to devastatingly finish people, that's something to be fearful of," Mir said. "[...] Trust me, the guys who got knocked out tonight they're at the after party right now. People that are going to the hospital that are having rods put in their arm and get things casted up, not so much."

Mir also gained a lot of satisfaction out of submitting the guy who had the reputation as the best jiu-jitsu practitioner in the history of the sport at heavyweight, but the cherry on top was not wilting when he got blasted and nearly finished by "Big Nog's" fists.

"It showcased a few things people always draw into question. My ability to want to keep on pushing in a fight when it's going bad," Mir told Sherdog on this video.

Mir's description of the sequence of events that lead to the submission is a few minutes of must-watch video. So is the beginning when he talks about not being ready to fight at the start. It took Nogueira crushing him on the chin to go in auto-pilot mode.

"His warm up and mindset was much better than mine. When I got in there it was weird. I was looking around. I just did not feel activated. I didn't feel sharp," said Mir.

A warning to the rest of the heavyweight division, if you rock Mir, you better finish him because a 50-percent Mir in survival mode is about as scary as it gets in the big boy division.

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