UFC 139 video: Faber, Bowles and Benavidez agree Cruz is good, but far from scary or unbeatable

Dominick Cruz has beaten three guys in attendance at today's UFC 139 prefight press conference, but that doesn't mean any of them would hesitate for a second if offered another shot at the 135-pound title.

All three respect Cruz, but don't view him as a dangerous guy.

"I wasn't having too much trouble hitting him. I hit him plenty of times. I just wasn't throwing as many punches," Faber said. "But he's not scary. I'll fight him any day. Every day, all day."

Faber lost to Cruz back at UFC 132. The fight was razor thin although the judges gave the unanimous decision to Cruz, 50-45, 49-46 and 48-47.

FightMetric had Cruz outlanding Faber 97-58. He also attempted 246 strikes compared to 181 by Faber. Cruz was 4-of-13 on takedowns as well. Faber explained today that he has to do a better job of playing to the judges, who he's not exactly fond of.

"I learned when you're doing P.R. and you're talking a really large group that isn't really familiar with mixed martial arts ... they're always saying 'hey, explain it like you're talking with kindergarteners who've never seen the sport before. I think i need to do that with judges," joked Faber. "I want to paint a picture that I'm winning this fight for someone who doesn't know what they're doing."{ysp:more}

Faber knows Cruz is a good points fighter and he'll have to adjust his game if he's going to take out the champ the next time they meet.

"I have to be cognizant of the fact that I'm playing to a couple of people who's opinions matter. I don't like fighting like that, but sometimes you have to," said Faber.

Brian Bowles, Faber's opponent on Saturday night agreed that Cruz is good, but because he's awkward and essentially does everything you're not supposed to when striking.

Joe Benavidez, who lost to Cruz two times, said you really have to mix up the striking with some takedowns to win over the judges when you face the champ.

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