UFC 124's Three Stars: St. Pierre, Miller and Alves

After months and months of build-up, UFC 124 finally happened, and all that's left is a fractured orbital bone. Who rose above the rest?

No. 1 star -- Georges St. Pierre: The thing that's so impressive about GSP is not his consecutive streak of wins, title defenses or rounds won. It's that he continues to add to his arsenal. Just as Michael Jordan added a fadeaway jumper later in his career, GSP continues to employ new weapons in the Octagon. After showing off his mastery of wrestling against Thiago Alves and Dan Hardy, GSP debuted a brutal jab to dominate Josh Koscheck. He continually grows as a fighter, and that's why he's the one with the gold, shiny belt around his waist.

No. 2 star -- Jim Miller: I'll admit it. When coming up with the top lightweights in this loaded division of the UFC, I didn't always think of Jim Miller, even though his only losses are to Gray Maynard and champion Frankie Edgar. That stops here. Miller stopped the Charles Oliveira hype train dead on the tracks, earning Miller his sixth win in a row.

No. 3 star -- Thiago Alves: The Alves who had trouble cutting weight and looked sluggish against Jon Fitch was a distant memory on Saturday night. He looked energetic for every second of his decision win over John Howard, something Alves attributes to a better diet and smarter life choices.

Honorable mention -- Montreal: The city deserves kudos for continuing to break attendance records, loudly supporting the fighters and getting just as excited about their fourth MMA event as they were for their first.

Who are your three stars from UFC 124?

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