UFC 120's Three Stars: Condit, Sass and Gustaffson

UFC 120 is over and well, at least you didn't have to spend any of your hard-earned cash on that card. Some performances did stand out, and for that, they get a bright, shiny gold star.

No. 1 star -- Carlos Condit: Sometimes, the only way to shut a man up is to knock him out. Condit did just that, ending Dan Hardy's trash talk with a flush left hook in the first round. At least Hardy had no problem admitting why he lost, telling the crowd in London, "I got punched in the face." For the KO, Condit was awarded a $60,000 Knockout of the Night bonus.

No. 2 star -- Paul Sass: In his UFC debut, Sass slapped a tight triangle choke onto Mark Holst like he had done it many times before. That's because he has. Of Sass's 11 wins, eight have come by triangle choke. This won earned him an extra $60,000 for Submission of the Night.

No. 3 star -- Alexander Gustaffson: The Swedish fighter owned Cyrille Diabate in the first round, then finished the fight in the second round. He started with a rear naked choke, but when Diabate wouldn't tap, Gustaffson had the good sense to let go off the choke, throw a series of punches and then grab the choke again. After that, Diabate had no choice but to tap.