UFC 118's Three Stars: Edgar, Couture and Diaz

Taking a look at the best and worst of the UFC's first foray into Boston.

No. 1 star -- Frankie Edgar: Few champions have ever had to win two fights to be considered a champion, but that's exactly what Edgar had to do. After beating former lightweight champ B.J. Penn at UFC 112, Edgar was given the task of doing it again at 118. Not only did he respond to the challenge without complaint, he fought better than he did at 112, decisively beating Penn in all five rounds of their bout.

No. 2 star -- Randy Couture: Since his bout with James Toney was billed as boxing vs. MMA, Couture had the job of defending MMA's honor. "Captain America" handled the job deftly, taking down Toney and beating on him before submitting him.

No. 3 star -- Nate Diaz: In his second fight at welterweight, Diaz survived a Marcus Davis barrage early in the fight, added a deformity to Davis' head, and then guillotine choked Davis until he passed out. Though Diaz said he wants to return to lightweight, welterweight seems like a natural home for him.

Dishonorable mention -- Kenny Florian: Fighting in front of hometown fans, Florian was incapable of getting an offense going against Gray Maynard. A win here would have given Florian a shot at the lightweight belt. He even had Dana White saying that he choked in the big fights.

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