UFC 117: Dos Santos pummels Nelson but can't finish 'the belly'

Junior Dos Santos did it again but this time it didn't go as smoothly as his first five UFC wins. He beat up another heavyweight opponent but learned some lessons along the way. Dos Santos blasted away at Roy Nelson for 15 minutes but couldn't put him away. He also ate some pretty good shots and suffered a nasty cut under his right eye. But it was more enough to grab a unanimous decision, 30-26, 30-27 and 30-27, in the first pay-per-view fight at UFC 117 in Oakland. The win earns him a title shot against the winner of the October fight between champion Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez.

"I knew that because of his last fight, the knockout, that would be in his mind. I wanted to jump on him," said Dos Santos. "I could see at one point in the fight, he was just covering up and maybe he didn’t want to fight much longer. He’s a really good fighter. This is definitely the biggest win in my career. From this point on, I want to continue to fight big-name fighters to build my name."

Nelson (15-5, 2-1 UFC) doesn't look the part of the elite heavyweight. He's a portly 6-foot and 263 pounds. His local paper once referred to him as a "bloated truck driver", but Nelson is dangerous and showed he's got a granite chin.

Dos Santos (12-1, 6-1 UFC) dominated the first round. Nelson's gameplan was to cover up and absorb shots on the arms and body in order to secure the takedown. In the first, his game never got going because his head got scrambled by two bigger upppercuts. Nelson survived the round and was more than competitive the rest of the way. He clipped Dos Santos with a few big overhand rights but Dos Santos showed a good chin as well.

The Brazilian is now 6-0 in the UFC and learned a valuable lesson. He needs to sharpen his game bit and use more of his weapons. Kicks are missing from his game. He's way too athletic to not take advantage of his speed in all areas.

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