UFC 116: Romero nearly takes Petruzelli's arm home in scoring sub

Seth Petruzelli waited a long time to reap the rewards of handing Kimbo Slice his first MMA loss. The Season 2 "Ultimate Fighter" alum returned to the UFC tonight on Spike after three years away from the promotion but it didn't work out. He dominated Ricardo Romero badly on the feet but didn't have enough in his gas tank to keep up the pace. Petruzelli tired at the end of the first round and then got twisted up on the ground with Romero in the second. Romero eventually scored the mount, moved to a crucifix where he slapped on an armbar that had Petruzelli writhing and yelping in pain. Referee Steve Mazzagatti stepped in at 3:05 of the second giving Romero (11-1, 1-0 UFC) his first UFC win.

Romero, fighting out of the same New Jersey gym that houses the Miller Brothers, was very slick on the ground but took a lot of damage on the feet in the opening round. He ate some big punches over the first three minutes of the fight and was floored by a left at the end of the round. He was also wobbled by a shot early in the second. Romero hit the deck and Petruzelli made the mistake of going to the floor with him. That's where he looked a bit amateurish as he tried to work for armbar and let Romero slipped out the backdoor to score an easy reversal into full guard. It was just a matter of time before Petruzelli (12-5, 0-3 UFC), who used to fight at heavyweight, was exhausted again.

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