UFC 112: Renzo looks to protect Gracie name, says Royce blew it

It's pretty rare when a family corners the market on anything. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is becoming a widespread phenomenon but it'll never move very far away from the name Gracie. The family's legacy of building the brand down in Brazil, bringing it to America and helping basically inventing what we know as modern day mixed martial arts is set.

Part of that pride is not only teaching technique but showing with the proper application it's the No. 1 fighting style. You and I may not have felt the string of American wrestler Matt Hughes destroying Royce Gracie at UFC 60, but the rest of the Gracies did. That low was felt by the entire clan including his cousin Renzo, who will take a shot at revenge this weekend against Hughes in Abu Dhabi at UFC 112.

During this Q & A in Charlotte before Ultimate Fight Night 21, Renzo describes why the Hughes' victory hurt so much and calls out Royce for not taking the fight seriously. He points out that Royce disrespected Hughes by training poorly for the match.

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