UFC 112 brings about unique challenges

Mixed martial arts is as big as ever yet we're presented with the question of "how is this going to come off" at least once a quarter. Anytime the UFC breaks new ground it's uncertain how the media and fans will react, and what the live venue will look like. UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi certainly qualifies as a wait and see event. The outdoor arena is getting its final touches. Dana White is trying to deal with questions about the weather. The evening start time should mean it's a comfortable temperature in the 80's but there's also the desert wind factor.

"I've always been terrified of doing an outdoor show," White told Joe Ferraro of Rogers Sportsnet. "If it starts raining and the wind starts blowing ... right now there's no Plan B."

White also knows Abu Dhabi isn't exactly the Amazon rain forest.

"The high possibility of rain happening… it's not gonna happen," White said. "It's not gonna rain there; we know it's not gonna happen. It would have to be crazy for it to rain in Abu Dhabi. Wind could be a factor. It's very dusty and sandy there. I'm worried about the wind."

Another story to keep an eye on are the stories that come out of Abu Dhabi to promote the event. The UFC rolled the dice hitting a remote location. It'll lose some of it's normal pay-per-view coverage but in the long run the relationship with Flash Entertainment and the UAE's royal family paves the way for lots of new opportunities internationally.

Picture via MMAforreal.com

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