UFC 101 and WEC 42 this weekend, so take Monday off

Do you have plans for this weekend? Why? With UFC 101 on Saturday and WEC 42 on Sunday, you really should just park yourself in front of your television.

Three of the top 10 from Yahoo! Sports' pound-for-pound rankings -- B.J. Penn, Anderson Silva and Miguel Torres -- will be fighting. Two championship belts are being contested. Four champions or former champions are taking to the cage.

Aside from the main events, we'll also see some exciting up-and-comers brawl. Amir Sadollah is finally making his post-Ultimate Fighter Octagon debut, against another young and exciting fighter, Johny Hendricks, a two-time Division I national champion in wrestling. At the WEC, Joseph Benavidez and Dominick Cruz will likely be a barnburner, as Cruz joins a growing group of fighters who try to figure out Benavidez's unorthodox standup.

I know what you're thinking. "How do I get up for work on Monday after a weekend like this?" WEC general manager Reed Harris has you covered.

"With UFC 101 on Saturday and WEC: Torres vs. Bowles the next night, I think it's only right that bosses give their employees time to recover," Harris said with a laugh. "This is the biggest fight weekend of the summer and fans should use Monday to sit by the pool and relax. If your bosses ask, just tell them I said it was OK."

Harris was even kind enough to write you a note:

So feel free to kick back on Monday. If your boss is angry, just direct them to Harris. He won't mind.