UFC 100: White says it was 'the night of saying stupid things'

Dana White is starting to open up about the goings-on at UFC 100. On XM's "Opie and Anthony Show," he called it "the night of saying stupid things." He defended the actions of Dan Henderson. The 38-year-old legend smashed a knocked out Michael Bisping with an extra elbow, but White said Hendo was a dummy for saying he wanted to shut the Brit up (1:20 mark - NSFW):

"You don't say [expletive] like that. It's not who we are. It's not what this sport is like."

Jim Norton, O&A's sidekick, may be the biggest MMA fan on FM-style radio. The guy is a UFC lunatic, or was he kissing White's ass for better tickets to the event in Philly?

They cracked some great jokes about Lesnar's next opponent asking why would anyone ask to fight that guy? Saying that Shane Carwin and Cain Velasquez may lose on purpose. And the line of the 35-minute interview, which oddly enough was done at 3:15 a.m. Las Vegas time, was when Norton talked about how demoralizing for the average guy to watch Georges St. Pierre fight in his mini-shorts and XX-cup (3:45 mark).

White also lobbed more bombs the way of "The Stache" Steve Mazzagatti. It's been a rough week for the Nevada referee. Last week, Brock Lesnar said he wanted to punch the [expletive] mustache off his face. Seems a bit anti-mustachey to me. Tom Selleck should come to Vegas and straighten things out for Mazz.

Thanks to XM Radio for the audio. Tip via Adam Hill, Las Vegas Review-Journal

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