UFC 100 weigh-in: Mir is shredded but did he come in too light?

Any doubts about Frank Mir putting in the work for his fight against Brock Lesnar were alleviated at today's UFC 100 weigh-in. He even packed on the some muscle in spite of the fact that he was down in weight a little at 245 pounds. Mir had a big smile on his face as if to say, "take a look at this."

Brock Lesnar put on a little show when he came on stage, walking straight to the scale. He stopped for a second to look at the crowd and weighed-in right on the number at 265.

Joe Rogan did a quickie interview with both fighters. Lesnar, who was booed loudly throughout the proceedings said, "It's all over but the crying, that's all there is to say."

Mir's best line came during the video leading into the weigh-in when he called Lesnar's ground and pound annoying:

"He only lifts his hands two inches from your face and drops it down real fast. It's like having your little sister jump on your back and pull your hair."

Lesnar said he has zero respect for Mir.

*Brock Lesnar (265) v. Frank Mir (245) -UFC heavyweight championship{ysp:more]
*Georges St-Pierre (170) v. Thiago Alves (170) - UFC welterweight championship
Michael Bisping (186) v. Dan Henderson (185) - Middleweight
Yoshihiro Akiyama (185) v. Alan Belcher (186) - Middleweight
Jon Fitch (170) v. Paulo Thiago (170) - Welterweight

Stephan Bonnar (205) v. Mark Coleman (205) - Light heavyweight
Mac Danzig (154) v. Jim Miller (155) - Lightweight
Jon Jones (206) v. Jake O'Brien (206) - Light heavyweight
T.J. Grant (170) v. Dong Hyun Kim (171) - Welterweight
C.B. Dollaway (186) v. Tom Lawlor (184) - Middleweight
Matt Grice (155) vs. Shannon Gugerty (156) - Lightweight

*UFC champion

Weigh-in numbers via MMAJunkie

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