UFC 100: Roll out the trash talk, Lesnar says Mir wins by luck

The fight itself will be dynamite. So will the energy in the building at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on July 11, but it's the lead up to the Brock Lesnar-Frank Mir fight at UFC 100 that will have this event breaking records and bringing in the casual sports fan. These guys don't like each and they also wisely know what it takes to hype a fight. You have to love the matter of fact fashion with which they trash each other (0:49 mark):

"I gave that kneebar to him, he knows that," Lesnar said of his loss to Mir at UFC 81. "He's one of those guys that waits to seize the opportunity. Some may call it preparation. I just call it luck."

Others may say Mir is a mixed martial artist while Lesnar is just a big athlete with power. Lesnar closes the video saying Mir's interim UFC heavyweight strap is "make believe."

Video tip via MMABay