UFC 100 reaction: Couture says Lesnar isn't doing his work back home

Randy Couture jumped on a Seattle radio show as part of northwest media tour to hype up UFC 102. When asked about Brock Lesnar's postfight behavior, Couture said he was confused by the comments the big guy made about his wife, Rena Mero (6:51 mark):

"We really don't need to know that he's getting on his wife that night," Couture the BJ Shea Morning Experience on KISW. "And I'm thinking what is that a special occasion? You're married to Sable, you think that would be happening all the time."

Lesnar crossed the line but he did generate buzz:

"That's not the kind of thing our sport is known for. Those kind of antics and those kind of comments. I know there's a lot of people who are going to tune to see when he gets beat now. I got 10 texts that night watching the fight [saying] 'what an idiot.'"

Couture says it goes against what MMA is:

"It's about comraderie and respect. And that's the martial arts part of what we do. And I think he lost sight of that or hasn't found that yet."

Couture also comments on what many thought was worse than anything Lesnar said, Dan Henderson's extra shot on Michael Bisping. Couture said Henderson had to keep attacking until knew the fight was officially finished (5:05 mark).

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