UFC 100 postfight: WWE voice says nothing Lesnar did was phony

Dana White and the UFC can tell us all they want that it wasn't the real Brock Lesnar during the postfight in the Octagon when he talked trash to Frank Mir, flipped off the crowd, called for more booes, talk about a horseshoe and someone's [expletive], ripped Bud Light and talked about schtupping his wife. That's the real Lesnar. According WWE announcer Jim Ross, the big is a little nutty:

Lesnar's post match, unscripted remarks did not completely surprise me. Those that do not personally know Lesnar as do I need to understand that his level of intensity and fury is scary. Brock has said many things in private conversations that I have been a part of that would make one do a double-take. He is an intimidating, emotional jock who has been known for speaking first and thinking later.

Ross told a story about Lesnar defying management and gravity's wishes at Wrestlemania 19:

It's like Brock "moonsaulting" at Wrestlemania 19 in Seattle against Kurt Angle when being advised not to prior to the bout. Lesnar was told that men his size don't do top rope Moonsaults which was the wrong thing to say to the former NCAA All American and National Champion. Lesnar came close to tragically ending his athletic career that night while defying logic and doing what others told him that he could not do.

He said Lesnar feeds off the boos:

Lesnar, as I pointed out a couple of days ago, loves to be jeered...the louder the better. Brock takes his game to another level when he knows that it's him against the world. ...When Lesnar, who detested the travel and emotional demands of WWE's schedule, was the most "hated villain" on the roster he was at his happiest in sports entertainment.

Lesnar is consistent. He's a big jerk, who doesn't like losing. Deal with it, even if it hurts your feelings.

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