UFC 100: Lesnar v. GSP ... I'll take the angry, unpredictable guy

Brock Lesnar is one of kind in the mixed martial arts world. While 99-percent of the fighters are easily accessible and an open book, Lesnar is a little closer to what we're used to when covering major sports like the NFL, NBA and MLB. He's really only available during the lead-up to his fights and he's one of the only fighters who brings along his own PR/security staff to media sessions. Lesnar showed up to the Wednesday workout day with two fellas he called his lawyers. They essentially play the role of the bad guy to call an end to Q & A sessions after about 10 minutes. They did the same after the UFC 91 press conference when they trumped UFC PR in deciding who was worthy of getting one-on-one interviews.

At the end of the UFC 100 Wednesday workout session, one reporter asked Lesnar if he disliked dealing with the media since he's had a couple of run-ins/explosions (Tom Farrey interview, before UFC 87, UFC 87 postfight, when being asked about Fedor Emelianenko). Lesnar responded in disbelief. It made for a nervous 15 seconds as everyone waited for a Lesnar explosion (VIDEO).

Lesnar's antics at yesterday's UFC 100 press conference were comical. After the other five fighters on the dais stood in front of the media, gave their opening comments and then sat down, Lesnar made his remarks and tried to leave. It was an awkward moment as Dana White had to grab Lesnar and quietly coax him into staying for the open question portion of the event (VIDEO - 29:10 mark)

Yahoo! Sports Dan Wetzel pounded away at Lesnar with a "who does this guy think he is" approach:

Afterward White shook his head in disbelief at the scene, “the guy’s trying to leave the UFC 100 press conference?” Two other times during the hour-long session, White had to talk to Lesnar about not leaving Mandalay Bay early. Lesnar had decided he was too good to continue promoting an event that will earn him an estimated $3 million.

Wetzel was rubbed the wrong way by the Lesnar entourage the day before:

On Wednesday, he was surrounded by lawyers and agents that take themselves way too seriously. He got shuffled about in a self-important manner that runs counter to the down-to-earth style of every other star in mixed martial arts. Everything around him seemed stressed.

Let's say it straight out, Lesnar doesn't like doing the media stuff. He's a no nonsense guy who gets annoyed by many of the canned answer questions we're often obligated to throw his way. But I'll defend him, He adds a different element. It's real. Which means the possibility of a great quote is a lot higher than the guy that Wetzel props up in his column, Georges St. Pierre. GSP is a great guy but he's become incredibly programmed and withdrawn. It's seems like the mild controversy that erupted after he walked into the cage back at UFC 63 and confronted Matt Hughes, has changed his style. He rarely speaks off the cuff. GSP is more like an Alex Rodriguez-type, almost too polished. I prefer the Lesnar-types who may explode on an opponent or a media member, any day of the week.

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