UFC 100 broadcast: Holly Madison was awful, the Buffer 360 was missed, and the best of Rogan and Goldberg

For UFC 100, I was expecting to see Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan actually explode from excitement. These two can barely be contained for Ultimate Fight Nights, so measured joy was not what I thought would happen. They didn't get so wrapped up in the historic nature of the event that they didn't focus on the fights. They went a little off the rails in the Fitch/Thiago card, but I can't chastise them for that. We were all a little tired at that point.

The overall broadcast was a good one. It had the same problems UFC broadcasts always have -- no backstage reporter and not enough statistics -- but nothing new. Holly Madison was a terrible Octagon Girl, taking forever to make it around the cage. It gave me a new respect for the job Arianny, Logan, Edith, and now Nastasha do. The biggest failure in the broadcast, though, was that they did not show the Buffer 360. Considering all the build-up around Buffer's moves, the fans at home should have been able to see him do the 360. The video was taken down from Youtube within hours, so we can't share it with you.

Onto the best quotes from the evening:

"It's a phenomenal fight, I mean this whole card is phenomenal ... the energy has been phenomenal all week." -- Joe Rogan. That's right, three phenomenals in the first ten seconds of the broadcast. If you're taking a drink every time he says phenomenal, at this rate, alcohol poisoning is in your future.

"His nickname is Sexyama. You can call him that if you like." Rogan, in reference to Yoshihiro Akiyama.

"Well, he's a very handsome man." Goldberg, in response to Rogan. Hey, whatever works for you, Mike. We don't judge.

"We've seen him knock people out, we've seen him choke people out, and he always wears really cool shorts." Goldberg, giving us the sartorial breakdown of Belcher

"Get your air, calm down, have some water, are you here? Yes, you're here." -- Greg Jackson, George St. Pierre's coach, snapping the champ back to reality

"When you get him on the ground, don't forget that arm cradle? You know the arm cradle? Don't look at me like that, you know what a cradle is." -- Jackson, again, providing the laughs

"Brock Lesnar is a freak of nature." -- Goldberg. What would Brock's mama have to say about that?

"Can this guy get any more luckier?" -- Brock Lesnar, in the pre-fight montage. Talking ain't easy, Brock.

"Big guys are used to being on top." -- Rogan. That's what Sable said. Hi-yo!

"That is just a big, powerful dude." -- Goldberg. Penetrating assessment.

"Jon Fitch is an animal, and guys like him don't lose." -- Rogan. Is there a particular brand of fighter who enjoys losing?

"Joe, we have the greatest job in the world." -- Goldberg. Yep, pretty much.

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