UFC 100: An 'angry' Tom Lawlor brings heat to the cage

To those ITGs (Internet Tough Guys) who constantly complain about Brock Lesnar and his wrestling antics or that Countdown to UFC 100 was "pure WWE", Tom Lawlor has a message: tough luck. Lawlor, a cast member on the The Ultimate Fighter 8, dabbled a bit in pro wrestling in Florida after his college wrestling career was finished. He brought that "look at me" mentality in the TUF house. Lawlor and Dave Kaplan delivered one of the funniest moments in TUF history, when Lawlor outweighing Kaplan by 40 pounds knocked out what appeared to be a drunk Kaplan. You didn't like it? Too bad. It was a means to an end. Lawlor, who was eliminated in the round of eight by Ryan Bader, somehow is getting his second fight on the big stage with the UFC. Sounds like a smart move to use those wrestling antics, right?

Lawlor joined Cagewriter just outside the Mandalay Bay Events Center on Wednesday to talk about the entertainment side of MMA, his ring entrance song and why he "hates" Dolloway. It's pretty controversial.

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