Tyron Woodley stops Koscheck at UFC 167

Elias Cepeda

Strikeforce veteran Tyron Woodley earned his first ever UFC win Saturday night with a KO win over former two-time title challenger Josh Koscheck at UFC 167. Woodley used a number of well-placed and powerful right hands to drop the TUF 1 veteran multiple times before ultimately putting him out near the end of the first round.

Woodley struck early with a double jab, followed by a right cross that dropped Koscheck the first time. After the wrestler recovered and the two were separated by referee Herb Dean, Woodley got back to work and hurt Koscheck once more with several more right crosses and an overhand right to the back of the head.

Koscheck appeared to recover slightly while on his back, got a tight full guard and under hooks on Woodley to defend against strikes and appeared as if he might survive the round. Dean stepped in and stood them up, however, and Woodley soon countered a punch from Koscheck with another right hand right on the chin.

Koscheck fell flat on his back one final time and Woodley landed one more shot to him as he lay prone before Dean stepped in and called a halt. The loss is Koscheck's third straight.

Woodley lost his UFC debut to Jake Shields via split decision but has come back strong and shown that he belongs in the UFC's deep welterweight division.

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