Tyron Woodley stops Carlos Condit at UFC 171

Elias Cepeda
Tyron Woodley stops Carlos Condit at UFC 171
Tyron Woodley stops Carlos Condit at UFC 171

Tyron Woodley stopped Carlos Condit in the second round of their title eliminator's fight tonight in the second round of their UFC 171 co-main event. The stoppage occurred after Woodley managed to injure the former WEC champion's right knee with a take down and kick.

A double leg take down from Woodley in the second twisted Condit's right knee in an awkward way and the fighter out of Albuquerque yelled out and grimmaced in pain. Condit fought on, however, until a leg kick from Woodley to "The Natural Born Killer's" left leg, spun him around and made his right knee buckle once more.

Condit fell to the floor, his back to Woodley, and held onto his right leg while yelling out in pain once more. The referee stepped in to stop the fight at that point.

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Well before the fight ended with the unfortunate injury, Woodley was landing huge power punches on Condit time and again. For his part, Condit, weathered the storm and appeared to be fresh heading into the second round.

"He's a really tough guy. I landed some really hard right hands earlier in the fight," Woodley said in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan.

"I heard him say ow when I took him down so I said I'm going to start chopping him down."

Woodley, who lobbied UFC president Dana White hard for the fight with Condit, said that the only fight that makes sense for him next is for the welterweight world title. Asked what is next for him, he replied, "You know what's next."

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