Tyron Woodley - 'Don't diminish my accomplishment'

Elias Cepeda
Tyron Woodley Reveals UFC 209 Title Defense
Tyron Woodley Reveals UFC 209 Title Defense

Tyron Woodley isn't too happy at being discounted after dispatching with top welterweight contender Carlos Condit Saturday night at UFC 171. Woodley battered Condit with powerful punches throughout the first round of their co-main event before taking the former title holder down in the second round and forcing an injury to Condit's right knee.

Condit stood back up but, after a leg kick from Woodley, "The Natural Born Killer" had his knee give out. He is set to get an MRI to determine the full severity of his injury.

“I just think it’s hilarious how the fans and some of the media try to diminish a great moment for me, and I just won’t allow it,” Woodley told MMA Junkie Monday.

“Carlos Condit’s the number two guy in the world. I took him on when nobody else would. I went out there to win, I was winning the fight, I was going to take it up to the next level, and I just think I should be in line for the next world title shot.”

Woodley points out that, even though Condit's injury was sudden and unexpected, the American Top Team contender was clearly winning the fight up to that point.

“Lots of people fail to realize we were seven minutes into the fight, and I believe I won seven minutes of the fight,” Woodley said.

“They’re like, ‘Oh, it was a freak accident.’ A freak accident is someone who slips on a banana peel and tears their meniscus or whatever happens. But that was from an offensive attack – my wrestling takedown. A well-timed double leg.

“It’s unfortunate for his injury...But if I punch someone in the face and break their jaw – or Anthony Pettis kicks Donald Cerrone in the ribs and he can’t continue – [it isn't much different]. I was winning the fight, and I forced the injury. Like Chris Weidman checking the kick [against Anderson Silva at UFC 168].”

Woodley resents people acting as if he didn't earn the win against Condit.  “I hit him with some of the hardest bombs he’s probably ever been hit with,” Woodley continued.

“He tried to submit me, and I flicked him off like a booger. I just think that I was showing dominance in the fight.

“When I hit him, he was like, ‘What the 'F' just hit me?’ And I was like, ‘How the hell are you still standing up?’ I hit him so hard, probably one of the hardest punches I’ve landed on someone. I think 80, 85 percent of the rest of the world – except him and Roy Nelson – would have been completely laid out flat.”

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