Tuffies: Recap and Awards for Episode 8 of the Ultimate Fighter

What does vodka, communist Poland and soccer have in common? Besides World Cup Football? This week's episode of the Ultimate Fighter, of course! Awards and spoilers are after the jump.

Looking back at the last fight between Phillipe Nover and Dave Kaplan, Kaplan's game plan of taking a few punches and trying to outlast Phillipe did not work. Kaplan ended up tapping out in the first round, so clearly, he needs more working on strategizing for a fight. Phillipe believes he sent a message to the other lightweights in the house.

Krzystof is scheduled to fight next, but his hand is not in good shape. Don House, a boxing trainer, came in to check it out and he thinks K (as he will heretofore be called) will be fine. Foreshadowing?

At the house, Kaplan starts drinking with Tom Lawlor. He starts with shots of vodka -- my favorite! -- and shenanigans ensure. Kaplan calls out everyone in the house, prides himself in the fact that he has never been knocked out (though he has been tapped out not long before this escapade) and runs arond in speedos. Junie is loving this, as he feels the attention is off of him because there are other drunken idiots in the house. No, Junie, the attention is off of you because you have ceased to act like a drunken idiot. It's funny how that works. Kaplan goes on to ask Lawlor to hit him. Lawlor complies. Kaplan falls to the ground. He claims that he wasn't knocked out, but if that was in a fight, Kaplan would have lost the fight.

The fight announcement is anti-climactic, as we all know that it's K against Kyle. The trash talk of "he is overlooking me" begins. Seriously, I could cut and paste this paragraph of trash talk every week. They say the same things. Guys, mix it up, will you? Make fun of your opponent's mother. Say that you have no chance of winning the fight. Do something to make it more interesting!

Annoyingly enough, we are back to pranks, with K as the victim. They moved his bed into the bathroom, and then filled it up with toilet paper. They then moved a ton of crap from the house into the bedroom, and putting a sign up that says "UFC Storage Room." I'm betting it's one of those "you had to be there" jokes. K was expecting a prank, and as a true prankster, he appreciated the job well done.

Finally! Training footage! Dan Henderson is visiting Team Mir to work with his Team Quest guy, K. Hendo is confident that K will be able to fight with his hurt hand.

Coach's Challenge! This is always a fun episode because the coaches often make fools of themselves for their teams. It also brought about Jens Pulver, professional ping pong player. According to Dana, Frank Mir is freaked out that the challenge will involve swimming. Nog has been training in every sport on the planet in anticipation of the challenge. The only sport he has left out is soccer, which, of course, is what they are playing today. Nog calls himself the worst soccer player in Brazil. Is that like being the ugliest Playmate?

The winning coach will get $10,000, and the winning team members receive $1,000. The contest is a soccer shoot out. Mir is in the goal to block Nog's shots, and vice versa. Team Nog goes crazy for their coach, and it starts to piss off Mir. In his classy way, Mir calls all the Team Mir guys losers. But they are not losers on this day, as Nog wins and his guys pocket a grand. Mir says that he never intended to win.

While telling us his life story, K moves all of the plates, silverware and table outside onto the basketball court. I don't really understand how this will turn into a prank, or why this is a good idea the week before a fight. He lined the court with dishes. Again, I guess you had to be there.

This fight seems like it will happen standing up. K is definitely more comfortable there, and though Kyle has some wrestling experience, Nog says that his stand up is good, too. K is planning to drop bombs. Kyle wants to hurt K.

The fight begins with blows being exchanged, and a clinch where they exchange knees. Kyle lands a knee on K's family jewels. They clinch again, and after a lot of work, Kyle takes K down. K rolls and armbars Kyle. Tappity tap. Fight is over. K wins, and Kyle realizes that he still has a lot to learn.

Sore Loser Award: Frank Mir, for trying to claim that he didn't even want to win the coach's challenge. If that's true, then he's a jerk for not trying to win his guys some money. If that's not true, then he's a jerk for not losing gracefully.

Delusional Award: Kyle Kingsbury, for thinking that his fight with K is the fight that the fans want to see. Really? You had fans during the taping of the show? Really?

Beat That Life Story: K, who grew up in communist Poland, which was much more interesting than Kyle's story of playing football.

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