Tuffies: Recap and Awards for Episode 4 of the Ultimate Fighter

What do a can of sardines, itching powder and a sober Junie have in common? They're all part of episode four of the Ultimate Fighter. Read on for Tuffies, spoilers and a recap.

We start with Junie going crazy in the cage after Shane's loss to Efrain Escudero. After Frank Mir calms him down, Dana points out that Junie is lucky that Keith Kizer, head of the Nevada State Athletic Commision, isn't there because Kizer would have pulled Junie's license for jumping into the cage. Isn't that a red flag, Dana? Mir tells Junie that he needs to show that he's sorry, not just say it.

After the fight, the fighters go back to business as usual. The guys are discussing who will fight next, something that they must do ad nauseam. Junie hopes it's him, but then says that going on the show was one of the worst decisions of his life. (Red flag #2 of the night.)

At Team Nog training, Anderson Silva shows up. Yay! Hopefully, he'll pull out some of his dance moves. Silva is Nog's muay thai coach and really energizes their training. He takes the workout up a notch while still keeping it fun.

Back at the house Krzystof is back to pranks, and is freezing Efrain's underwear. Why does Krzystof like messing with people's underwear? Ewww. They also spread itching powder everywhere. Kingsbury is pissed about the itching powder. Team Nog plots revenge.

Eliot Marshall of Team Mir vs. Shane Primm is our fight of the night, but before we get to that, Team Nog is getting Team Mir back by spreading sardines and sardine oil all over the rooms of Team Mir fighters. This is a good time to point out that one of the rooms that the fighters live in is pink with airbrushed hearts and white wainscoting. Vinny Magalhaes then urinates on Efrain's bed. This is turning into a very icky episode.

Nog is none too pleased about the antics going on the house because it takes the focus away from fighting and training. He asks Mir, very politely, to tell the guys to stop with the shenanigans on nights before fights. That seems reasonable, but Mir blows him off. I think Mir will end up regretting pissing off Nog. Boxing coach Al "Stankie" Stankiewicz is super pissed about the pranks, and is going to nip it in the bud. Stankie also does not like the sardines being wasted because they are yummy with a little salt and pepper. Nog goes to the house to speak about the pranks to both teams. Team Mir pretty much ignores Nog, which doesn't strike me as a good idea. Krzystof stands up and apologizes but Eliot reiterates that the pranks are not over.

Back to the actual fighting, Nog points out Shane's aggressive stand-up as an advantage. Eliott Marshal comes from a jiu-jitsu background and is considered a striker. Finally, the fight begins and Eliot gets a quick takedown. He turns Shane for a rear naked choke attempt but can't finish. After Eliot puts more work in on the ground, he sinks in another rear naked choke and Shane taps. Eliot is your winner! He then shows that he is the picture of class and calls out his own teammates, Vinny.

Chris Leben Award (Outstanding achievement in being known for anything but fighting: Big Nog. He doesn't like pranks.

Line of the night: Some of the people in the house think I've got a bit of an anger problem. - Junie Browning

Yuck Award: Krzystof Soszynski, who likes to mess with other guys' underwear. Seriously. That's nasty.