Tuffies: Recap and Awards for Episode 3 of the Ultimate Fighter

It's Wednesday night, and that can only mean one thing. Ok, two things. The Ultimate Fighter is back, complete with the second coming of Mickey, pranks and Nogueira's goofy grin. Join us for spoilers, awards and more, after the jump.

The boys have moved into the house, and Junie Browning is already showing his affinity for alcohol. That's not a good sign. Brian McLaughlin and Karn Grigoryan are back from the doctor and the both have broken noses, but "nothing wrong with their heads, so they can't send us home, right?" In seventh-grade, I was told that's called foreshadowing. Within seconds, Dana White appears and sends Grigoryan and McLaughlin home because they have 180-day medical suspensions. They bring back Kyle Kingsbury, and a mystery 155-lb fighter who is on a plane.

The teams were picked, and you can find the picks here. At Team Mir training, Mir pontificates on martial arts. A lot. Back at the house, Junie Browning is drunk and starting trouble, but that quickly turns into him sobbing, lying face down in the cement.

Roli Delgado is the mystery 155 lb. fighter who has returned, and everyone tells him that he earned it. Wait, what? He might be a fantastic fighter and a nice guy, but he didn't quite earn it the same way everyone else did. I don't think that he is the next Anderson Silva that Dana White referred to, and at this point, Junie Browning is showing that he is comic relief, not a great fighter. Who will it be?

At Nog's camp, we meet his coaches. Daniel Valverde is handling jiu-jitsu, and 67-year-old Al "Stankie" Stankiewicz is the stand-up coach. Stankie tells us that today is cash in hand and tomorrow is a promissory note. Stankie rules.

Nog picks his man, Ryan Bader, to fight Tom Lawlor from Team Mir. For some reason, Team Mir thinks that it's a good idea to start a prank war with Bader since he is the guy who is fighting. They shrink wrap all of Team Nog's stuff, including all of Bader's bed. Yawn. Nog stops by before the fight and grills out with the team.

Onto the fight: After some early stand-up, Bader takes Lawlor down and it turned into a wrestling match. When Lawlor tries to push Bader off of him, Bader throws a perfect overhand right and knocks out Lawlor. Nog attributes the win to team unity.

Chris Leben Award (Outstanding achievement in being known for anything but fighting): Krystof awarded the Chris Leben Award to Junie. Hey! That's my job!

Best Nickname: Al "Stankie" Stankiewicz, Nog's boxing coach

"You're gonna eat lightnin' and crap thunder!" Award: Al "Stankie" Stankiewicz, who will have the fighters running after chickens in no time.

Best hat: Al "Stankie" Stankewicz, who was sporting a jaunty green beret

Al Campanis Award: Junie Browning, for comparing himself to Kunta Kinte when asking his housemates to cane him. You stay classy, Junie Browning.

Worst smack talk ever Award: "I hope Bader packed a lot of hair gel, because he'll have a lot of time to sit around and look pretty when he doesn't have to worry about fighting." - Tom Lawlor

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