Tuffies: Recap and Awards for Episode 2 of the Ultimate Fighter

This week on the Ultimate Fighter, the rest of the cast is decided through eight more fights. I like these first weeks, because we get to see nothing but fighting. At the same time, many of these fighters are untrained, so we see some ugly fighting. U-G-L-Y, no alibi fighting. Find out the winners, losers and poseurs after the jump.

In the first fight, Wesley Murch claims that he is carrying the hopes of England on his back. Yes. You and David Beckham. Too bad you hurt your ankle and lost to John Polakowski, a self-proclaimed lover of hugs. After his win, he hugs Dana, Nog and Mir. Nog likes the hug. Mir is freaked out.

Shane Primm and Sean O'Connell - Primm by rear naked choke. Primm is excited to go in the house, and would like a steak, si vous plait.

Ido Pariente is repping Israel, y'all. Efrain Escudero just like to fight, y'all. Escudero has excellent takedown defense and finally worked Pariente down to the ground, then sunk in a rear naked choke.

Ryan Lopez is thankful for fighting because it's much safer than his day job as a bounty hunter. Tom Lawlor fights to eat, so he should eat well now, as he choked out Lopez. Maybe Dog can hire you, Ryan?

Roli Delgado and George Roop's fight is a striking match between two beanpoles. Roop impressed Mir by listening to his coaching and then won the decision.

Ryan Bader, a two-time All-American wrestler from Arizona State, fought Kyle Kingsbury who had a weird looking chest. I won't have to look at the weird chest for too long as Bader submitted him. Mir was disappointed, not that Bader won, but that in the match-up, Kingsbury, another excellent athlete, was sent home.

Charles Diaz and Shane Nelson: According to Mir, Diaz was talking a bunch of smack, but as is often the case in the world of smack, he couldn't back it up. Nelson overwhelmed him with knees, kicks and takedowns, and won the decision.

Eliot Marshall and Karn Grigoryan: When watching Grigoryan come in, Dana says that every Armenian fighter in the UFC is nuts. If you just take into account Manny Gamburyan and Karo Parisyan, then yes, that's true. Of course, they're family, so it might be crazy genes, not a crazy country. I digress. This was an evenly matched fight on the feet, and was the first to go to the third round. Grigoryan ended up a bloody mess, and though Marshall fought an excellent fight, Grigoryan won the split decision. Mir and Dana both disagree with the decision, but as they say, you can't leave it up to the judges.

After the fights, they announced that Antwain Britt broke his hand and had to go home, so they brought Eliot Marshall back. The teams will be picked next week. Onto the awards:

Jeremy May Award (Outstanding achievement in talking smack but not backing it up): Charles Diaz

Line of the night: If I don't fight, I don't eat, if I don't eat I live, and if I don't live, I'm dead. - Tom Lawlor

Submission of the night (Winner gets a hula hoop, loser gets a tracheotomy): Bader's arm triangle of Kingsbury. Bader squeezed tighter when he heard Kingsbury gurgle. That right there is why I love fighting.

Fight of the Night (Winner gets a bag of frozen peas to the eye): Grigoryan vs. Marshall

Photo via my old TV and camera on my Blackberry