TUF Talk: U.K. knocks out Team USA's overconfidence

On a positive note, I have to say finally being able to move from sleeping on the floor downstairs to getting my own bed was the highlight of my life this week. Seeing how it was edited out, I will let everyone know that I was sleeping on the floor in a room with five U.S. teammates. After Kiel Reid and Rob Browning got eliminated it cleared up the U.S. room upstairs. Jason Pierce and I jumped on the opportunity to get in there.

Talk about a rough start for Team U.S. I mean losing is bad enough, but for us to lose our first fight to the U.K. by knockout was even worse. Nick Osipczak fought a brilliant fight and was able to impressively wear down Mark Miller. Mark is a really hard hitting welterweight and Nick didn't brawl with him, he pretty much stay composed both on his feet and also on the ground. Then when the opportunity presented itself, he threw a beautiful head kick to finish the fight. It was really hard watching Mark lose, not only because he was a fellow teammate but because he seemed like a pretty genuine guy.

When it comes to being mentally prepared to fight, I love being the underdog so seeing Mark lose only gets me more focused and fired up. Normally I would want to be picked right away to fight so I could get more rest and heal up should I win before my next fight. However, after cutting weight twice in the first week in Vegas, I was hoping to get a little recovery time before getting picked. I also want the opportunity to work with Dan Henderson in training before I fight again.. None the less should I get picked to fight next I will be ready.

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