TUF Talk: Sending ‘Junie Jr.’ home so everyone can sleep well

When I went to the open cast call of "The Ultimate Fighter 9," held in Chicago, I wasn't sure I wanted to be on the show. I had tried out once before and hadn't made it and it was one goal I still wanted to accomplish.

Over 700 people showed up for the chance to be The Ultimate Fighter. It was crazy to see that many people trying out.

After getting through two eliminations and 12 hours of standing in lines, I was waiting for my interview with the producers and got my first encounter with Rob "Junie Jr." Browning. He was a couple people behind me in line drinking and talking [expletive] about how he was going to crap in people's pillows and more. Unfortunately for us, he was not exaggerating.

Fast forward two months, after making it on to the show, I packed my bags and flew to Las Vegas to fight to get on the show. We flew in on a Tuesday and were told to be on weight with no exceptions. I don't like to fly to begin with, but flying on a nervous, empty stomach is even worse.

I found out my first opponent was supposed to be Josh Souder, but he had a hard time making weight. It was discovered that my second opponent, John David had a herpes breakout. So here I was on weight, on fight day, with no opponent. Talk about frustrating.

Having to watch all the U.S. guys get their jerseys and be able to become a part of the team was very frustrating and to add to that, they informed me that I would have to make weight a second time that week. Then in true "Ultimate Fighter" fashion, they announce my opponent, and in walks Rob Browning. When I saw Rob walk in after Dana's announcement, I was all smiles. Fighting in the UFC is awesome but getting to fight someone you don't like in the UFC is a dream come true.

Never before have they had a situation like this with 10 U.S. lightweights instead of eight living in the house. For five days, I slept on the floor with one blanket. Within less than an hour "Junie Jr." was slamming shots, pissing in showers, throwing eggs at people, getting in people's faces talking [expletive] and even stripped down butt-naked and jumped in the jacuzzi where some fighters and myself were trying to relax. So by the time my fight with Rob was here, everyone was so sick of his antics, they were begging me to kick his ass and I was more then happy to step up to the challenge.

Monday was Fight Day, and the anticipation was killing me. I just wanted to get into the house officially and get Browning out for good. I was a little nervous since he had everything to gain and was just as hungry as I was. I decided that instead of going out and just trying to destroy him that I was gonna take my time, be patient and pick him apart. In the back of my mind, I knew that if I lost to Rob it would be very hard to return to running my academy back home in Mentor, Ohio. My nerves were put to rest after I finished him in the first round, sustaining little damage to myself and getting to earn my USA jersey and finally my own bed!

The fight went pretty much as I thought it would. I knew he was gonna shoot and he was pretty much done after I hit him with the right uppercut while he was shooting. After the uppercut, he seemed to just turtle up and take a beating until the referee stopped the fight.

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