TUF 9's Osipczak: Bisping no-show may help Americans

A 6-foot-2 welterweight who is dangerous on the feet makes Nick Osipczak a prospect worth watching on the the Ultimate Fighter 9. He's already onto the next round after a head kick knockout over Mark Miller but he's still rooting for his mates from the U.K. The same can't be said for all the U.S. team members.

Spike has chosen to go with the "ugly American" angle. Frankly you can't blame the network. The childishness and in-fighting being displayed by some of the U.S. fighters seems to be splitting the team. Yahoo! Sports' TUF 9 blogger Jason Dent talked last week about how he can't stand Cameron Dollar, and DaMarques Johnson seems to be willing to turn on any of his teammates if it means more face time on Spike's cameras.

Osipczak says the U.K. unit was cohesive:

"There was none of that on our team. We hung on every word they said. The relationship was completely different," Osipczak told Cage Writer. "We actually made friends with the coaches. If they said jump, we said how high? It's seeming like the Americans aren't even too up for the training. They're going to moan about everything."

The Brits were driven:

"The fact that we were the underdogs helped us. We felt like we had a point to prove and we wanted to help each other do the best."

Listen below as Osipczak talks TUF 9 with Cage Writer:

Osipczak said watch for the outcome of Michael Bisping's no-show on last week's episode. Dean Amasinger was set to fight Johnson. His coach, Bisping was nowhere to be found on fight day. Osipczak said it definitely affected Amasingerand it helped the Americans, who took advantage of the situation.

Conversation also touched on Ricky Hatton's loss over the weekend and how the British media treats their superstar athletes v. the U.S. media.

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