TUF 14 Finale postfight: Bonuses, a special Christmas and complaints of an early stoppage


LAS VEGAS - It was a short and frustrating night for TJ Dillashaw at the Season 14 "Ultimate Fighter Finale." It's one thing to lose. It's another when a fighter feels like he wasn't given the opportunity to push through hard times.

TJ Dillashaw was drilled with two left hands and three hammerfists on the ground and it was over in a matter of seconds as referee Herb Dean decided to stop the fight.

"I wish I could've got to show what I can do and let the fight go on. Usually in fights you see in the UFC ... Frankie Edgar gets the chance to fight through it," Dillashaw said during the TUF 14 postfight press conference. "I'm in good shape. I can push through those things. Obviously, I was coming through a single-leg. They stopped the fight a little early in my opinion. I didn't agree with the stoppage but what are you going to do? You can't argue your way out of it."

Dodson disagreed. He thought it was a valid stoppage. Frankly, he was surprised the whole scenario developed so quickly.

"When I hit him. I felt like I hit him with an open palm. I thought I bitch-slapped him," Dodson said, then apologized for using the terminology. "I thought I slapped him and didn't think I hit him with any real power until I saw him crumble. When I saw him hit the ground I just wanted to jump on him as fast as I could."

- It was a fabulous night for Diego Brandao. Not only did the young Brazilian gain a guaranteed UFC contract, he also banked an extra $80,000 for Submission of the Night and Fight of the Night. The latter was pretty amazing considering the fight against Dennis Bermudez lasted less than one round. Brandao said he wanted to use a significant portion of tonight's winnings to treat kids back in his hometown of Manaus to a special Christmas.

- Dodson got Knockout of the Night and $40,000.{ysp:more}

- Dodson addressed himself as a flyweight during the press conference, but quickly added that he wants to fight at both weights. Then he grabbed Brandao's shoulder and said if they need to fight for a title at 145, he'll do that too.

- Brandao was surprised that Bermudez decided to box with him. He expected the former college wrestler to try and get the fight to the ground. Brandao said with 14 years of jiu-jitsu training under his black belt, he was more than comfortable on his back.

- Although he's being compared by some to fellow Manaus-native Jose Aldo Jr., Brandao quickly shot down talk that he's already in contention for the UFC featherweight title. He called himself a kid and pointed out that he just got his job with the UFC. Dodson answered in similar fashion and said he wants to fight as often as possible. He'd even take a fight on the Dec. 30 card back here in Las Vegas.

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