TUF 10 Media Day: White said he'll kick Kimbo off show if necessary

There's always heat in "The Ultimate Fighter" house. "The Ultimate Fighter 10" is mixing a bunch of huge dudes and a guy who everyone wants to take out. What are the chances that some of the cast members have already decided to bust Kimbo Slice's chops and make sure they get their television time? Why wouldn't one of the big boys try to goad Kimbo into a fight?

If that happens, will Dana White and Spike apply the rules or go the Junie Browning route? Many media members and viewers thought Browning was given chance after chance and a long leash simply based on ratings for TUF 8. Dana White says no way (2:20 mark):

"It's easy to say we sit back and think about the ratings all time. (Sure) I want the ratings to be good, we want to stay on Spike. But I'm not going to do anything that hurts the business or the reputation of the UFC by keeping someone on the show. I'll never do that."

White explained that Browning was a unique case. The kid wanted to quit so he chose to force White's hand. White said it was better to let Browning stay on the show and sink or swim in the Octagon.

That may or not be the case with Kimbo if he chooses to revert to his backyard brawling days:

"Am I afraid to kick Kimbo off the show before he fights? No. Do I want to? No. At the end of the day, I think everyone would feel cheated if he gets kicked off the show for fighting at the house. That's going to suck for everybody, but I can't say that that won't happen."

Taping for "The Ultimate Fighter 10" began on Monday. The debut of TUF 10 airs Sept. 16.

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